Fusionista Spa & Beauty Salon is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded Best Beauty & Health Spa 2019 in Johannesburg by Lux 2019 Hotel and Spa Awards: 

The final decision was made by the judges after months of research.

Certificate of Excellence awarded to Fusionista by Trip Adviser

Both Fusionista Restaurant as well as Fusionista Spa and Beauty Salon are proud to announce that they have each earned Certificates of Excellence from TripAdvisor

We are pleased to announce that Fusionista Restaurant as well as Fusionista Beauty and Spa have been recognised with 2019 Certificates of Excellence, based on the consistently great reviews they have earned on the world's largest travel site.


Essentially Eastern

At Fusionista our aim is to create a holistic dining experience in which we treat your taste buds to the finest Eastern cuisine with a fusion twist whilst at the same time creating an exotic and chilled out ambience.

Our menu is a refined combination of Eastern cuisine from various countries, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines.

So relax and enjoy yourself whilst we spoil you and take your taste buds on an exotic adventure:-

And to make the occasion even more special and memorable why not treat yourself to a massage at our unique and world-class Super Spa and Beauty Salon.


Good food, good company.