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Fusionista, Spa, Super Spa, Feet, Hands and Head Massage , best of, Randburg, Johannesburg
Fusionista Feet, Hands and Head Massage

Our feet, hands and head all have significant concentrations of nerve endings, resulting in the enhanced pleasurable effect of this massage being magnified threefold.

Enrich this experience even further by having the treatment in one of our ultra-luxurious lounger chairs as you slowly drift into a dreamlike state.

30 Minutes - R330

45 Minutes - R400

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Fusionista, Spa, Super Spa, Indian Head Massage, best of, Randburg, Johannesburg
Fusionista Indian Head Massage

"Regular Indian head massage is wonderfully relaxing, enhances the health of the scalp and promotes the growth of lustrous hair" (The Observer).

This massage has many benefits including the relief of headaches, relieving muscular pain and stiffness, reducing stress, tension, anxiety, lethargy, mild depression, assists with concentration and helps reduce insomnia. This massage can be performed seated and fully clothed on our specially designed Indian Head Massage Chair, alternatively can be performed lying down depending on your preference.

30 Minutes - R280

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