2016 RASA Awards

Fusionista Restaurant is proud to announce...

We have been awarded a RASA ROSETTA SERVICE EXCELLENCE AWARD for 2016. See the below communication from RASA (Restaurant Association of South Africa):

Congratulations on winning a RASA Rosetta Award for Service Excellence
We are so proud of you
The RASA Rosetta Award is a prestigious Award given to Restaurants that strive for Service Excellence in the restaurant industry. It is recognition of the highest honours for Service Excellence and overall contribution to the upliftment of the Restaurant industry.
Your participation and involvement in the Restaurant Industry is valued and we thank you for the contributions you make to ensure its ongoing success.
We recognise your passion, talents, dedication, commitment and hard work for food and Service of the highest standard.
RASA is proud to be associated with Restaurants of your calibre.

The RASA ROSETTA AWARD is an award of opulence - THE BEST IN CLASS award and it is only given to those few who truly deliver excellence.

We recognized these individuals who represent all that the award stands for.

"THE RASA ROSETTA AWARD" is an award given to restaurants/individuals that strive for Service Excellencein the Restaurant Industry.
It is recognition of the highest honors for service excellence & overall contribution to the upliftment of the restaurant Industry

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