Introducing our new dishes


After months of testing and tasting we are proud to announce these delicious, must try, new additions to our menu…

Thai Coconut Lemongrass Ramen
For all the Ramen lovers but done with  a tantalising Thai twist.
Sticky and Crispy Asian Chicken Wings
Genuinely finger licking good. 6 per portion.
12 or 24 Prawns 
Served in an Asian wok on a bed of Pad Thai Noodles with  Lemongrass, Garlic and Basil Sauce and Red Thai Chilli Sauce.
Prawn Platter 
2 Princess Prawns,  2 Queen Prawns, 2 King Prawns and 2 Tiger Giants served with Pad Thai Noodles, alternatively 4 King Prawns (and no Tiger Giants) and the following 3 speciality Fusionista dips -Lemongrass Sauce, Spicy Japanese Mayonnaise and Thai Red Chilli Sauce.
Prawns Dipped in Honey and Sesame Seeds
Dipped in Honey and Sesame Seeds on a bed of Egg Fried Rice with Lemongrass Sauce. An amazing, slightly sweet combination.6 per portion
Asian Noodle Pot 
Served with pok choi and a light curry broth with rice noodles. This dish is similar to Thai jungle curry with hints of lime leaf, coriander and mushroom. Choose between Chicken, Pork, Beef or Prawns or alternatively a combination of these.
Fusionista Peking Duck
Served with Crispy Duck Skin, Pancakes, Hoisin Sauce and Cherry Sauce accompanied by side sliced cucumber, carrots and spring onions.
Bubbling Honey and Plum Duck
A tantalising combination of flavours which bubble up on your candle heated plate.
Fusionista Smoked Duck
Home smoked duck for an unforgettable taste sensation.
A Fusionista First
- 4 mouth-watering Asian style pizzas -
Crispy Duck Pizza
A heavenly combination for those who love duck and pizza. Tomato, Mozarella and cheddar cheese base with duck and oyster sauce.
Japanese Pizza
With Seared Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Avocado and Tomatoes Pizza. (Avocados and Tomatoes optional). Another unique Fusionista dish combining the best of Italian with the best of Japanese.
Thai Mixed Seafood Pizza 
With Red Curry and Red  Chilies - Mussels, Prawns, Calamari and Crab wickedly mixed with Thai Red Curry. A Spicy Thai Pizza with a kick.
Meang Kum Pizza
A combination of fragrant Thai mince with aromatic vegetables, nuts and lettuce served on a delectable cheesy pizza.
Beef Tataki
This is a traditional Japanese method of preparing fillet, with the fillet being slightly seared, thinly sliced like sashimi, marinated and served with a citrus soy dipping sauce.
Fusionista Flaming Steak
A choice fillet served flaming at your table. Make a flaming meal out of it by combining this dish with the Fusionista Flaming Ferrari Cocktail!
Introducing 4 delicious and uniqueFusionista Sushi Creations
Prawn Chip Sushi
A Fusionista first. - A crunchy and delightful way to savour your sushi. Sushi served in prawn chips. Seared Salmon, Seared Tuna plus Chilli Mayonnaise and Spring Onions. Served 4 per portion.
Fusionista Taramasalata Sushi  
An enticing fusion of Greek and Japanese. 2 Gunkan Maki and 5 California Rolls with the Gunkan having Taramasalata, Prawns, Ginger Juice and Mayonnaise and the California Rolls having Taramasalata, Cream Cheese, Strawberry and Salmon.
Oyster Shell Sushi
Sashimi like you have never had it before. The sashimi is served in a fashion similar to oysters creating a very special taste sensation. 6 mixed slices per portion served in oyster shells-served on a bed of ice with Lemon as well as Mild, Medium and Hot Tabasco - 2 pieces Squid, 2 pieces Salmon and 2 pieces Tuna, alternatively 6 pieces of the following-Squid/Crab or Salmon or Tuna or Eel or Herring.
Crispy Nutty Seaweed Sushi
A unique Fusionista creation combining Crispy Nutty Seaweed with Sushi. 8 per portion. Choose between 4 pieces of Nigiri with your choice of either Salmon or Prawn or Tuna and also 4 pieces of Sushi Roses with Prawn and your choice of either Salmon or Tuna wrapping.