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  • Fusionista Acrylic / Gel Tips

    Acrylic / Gel Tips
    90 minutes – R450

    not rated R450.00
  • Fusionista Acrylic Soak Off

    Acrylic soak off.
    30 Minutes – R150

    not rated R150.00
  • Fusionista Anti-Cellulite

    The corrective anti-cellulite, anti-excess fat and anti-slackening treatment implements three exclusive and coordinated types of expertise:
    *Body Wrap with ActiveOxygen
    *High Performance Concentrates and
    *Perfect Scalp Massage
    45 Minutes – R550

    not rated R550.00
  • Fusionista Aroma Special Foot Treatment

    Treat yourself To The best of both worlds with a blissful foot massage followed by a heavenly aromatherapy treatment.

    90 Minutes – R610

    not rated R610.00
  • Fusionista Aromasoul Massage Journey

    A unique massage ritual that takes you on a journey through four distinct worlds offering a deeply restoring experience for the body and soul and a complete sensorial experience. First the exotic Orient for a massage that honors the ancient elements of Chinese Massage Therapy providing a great feeling of awareness and inner strength. Secondly the Mediterranean Massage capturing the warmth of the Mediterranean as the therapist’s hands dance like ocean waves over the body. Next you visit the vibrant world of India with a massage that embraces The essence of Ayurvedic philosophy. End off with the Arabian Massage which combines a renewing and purifying phase with warm and harmonising  movements to restore body vitality and peace of mind.

    90 Minutes – R1100

    not rated R1,100.00
  • Fusionista Aromatherapy Couples Special

    A 60 minute (Couple Special A) or a 90 minute (Couple Special B) Aromatherapy Massage plus a selected meal from our Lunch Menu and a drink from our Complimentary Drinks Menu (soft drink / bottled water / juice / tea / coffee / wine / beer).

    Instead of having this special with a meal from the Lunch Menu and a complimentary drink you can instead have a 15% discount on your total meal, including drinks at the restaurant. At least one item from the Mains must be ordered by each person.

    Fusionista Aromatherapy Couples Special for 2 people:

    Couple Special A

    60 minutes without meal only R940

    60 minutes with meal only R1050

    Couple Special B

    90 minutes without meal only R1140

    90 minutes with meal only R1250


    not rated R940.00R1,250.00
  • Fusionista Aromatherapy Incorporating Thai Aromatherapy

    This massage is a combination of different kinds of massages: a unique mixture of the best from different worlds united in one massage. There are elements of Swedish massage, Indian, Ayurvedic and Thai. The use of aromatherapy to complement a  traditional Thai massage combines the usual body treatment of a Thai massage with scents and aromas released from candles and oils. These scents stimulate the client further, heightening their sense of relaxation and wellness.

    60 Minutes – R500

    90 Minutes – R630

    not rated R500.00R630.00
  • Fusionista Bamboo Massage

    Bamboo Massage promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage, as well as being a stress relieving massage providing a deep sense of relaxation and well being. It is believed that by stimulating the tissue. The bamboo has the ability to reduce the ”sluggish state of the body,” by dissipating the heat resulting from an accumulation of toxins and poor circulation.

    60 Minutes – R560

    90 Minutes – R690

    not rated R560.00R690.00
  • Fusionista Beauty Package

    Duration of the package excluding the meal is just over 5 hours

    Cost per Person:

    Cost per person, excluding the optional meal which will be charged at the restaurant cost of the entire meal minus 15% – R1900

    Alternatively choose an item from our Lunch Menu plus a drink from our Complimentary Drinks Menu (soft drink / bottled water / juice / tea/ coffee / wine / beer) – R2010

    not rated R1,900.00R2,010.00
  • Fusionista Body Butter Massage

    This is a deeply soothing massage which is also therapeutic and reinvigorating for the skin, leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing. The massage creams moisturise and hydrate the skin helping to reduce wrinkles. We use the following enchanting Body Butlers for this massage:

    Rooibos & Honey, Milk & Honey and Quince & Soya Milk as well as Unfragranced. Sample these  for yourself in our reception area to decide which one you want to choose for your massage.

    60 Minutes – R500

    90 Minutes – R630

    not rated R500.00R630.00