Fusionista Chill Room / Sound Therapy


Our Chill Room is a totally private area where you can relax either between treatments or after you have finished your treatment or treatments. This is your space to savor your treatments, thereby enriching the experience and making it a more special and memorable one, instead of immediately rushing out into the stresses and tensions of one’s daily life. 

30 Minutes – R250 Per Person

60 Minutes – R400 Per Person


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What makes this room extra special and Totally Unique is our one—of—a-kind. sound bed. We have specially designed the bed with speakers underneath so that one not only hears the relaxing music but one also feels it flowing Through one’s body, which is not only enjoyable but it also enables you to chill out more and reach an intense state of relaxation – a form of sound therapy. Also in the room is a large TV with beautiful and relaxing images slowly scrolling across the screen, helping you to relax even further.

At Fusionista we take a different approach to the use of the Sauna, Jacuzzi and Chill Room. We are aware that many spas do not charge for the use of these facilities. We do charge but believe we are justified in doing so mainly due to the fact that you get total privacy when you book any of these facilities (unless you request a massage in the sauna where you will not have privacy for the duration of the 15 minute Sauna Massage). You are therefore totally free to use these facilities by yourself or together with your partner without having to feel inhibited or self-conscious. You can relax totally not needing to worry that a stranger, who you do not want to share these facilities with, might join you at any time. You are also at liberty to adjust the temperature settings To your liking, choose a music playlist that you prefer, select which fragrance tickles your fancy and adjust the jets and the air bubbles in the Jacuzzi to suit your requirements.

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